We are ready to answer your questions about chimney cleaning services, the chimney sweep process, and the benefits of regular chimney cleaning. We strive to ensure our customers have confidence with our services and understand what the chimney cleaning process involves.

How much does it cost to have a chimney cleaned?

Chimney Crickets offers competitive pricing for cleaning your chimney. Like many businesses, we offer seasonal discounts to help keep the business busy all year. Call us for the current rate at (619) 469-9944 and we'll give you a free quote by phone.

Our pricing is relative to the cost of equipment, gas, liability insurance, phone, and advertising. These factors, especially gas, are often in a state of flux. Also, any unique characteristics of your home; for example, an "A-frame" type roof, multi-story building, etc. will factor into our rates.

We accept cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, and Discover.

How often should I have my chimney cleaned?

The standard answer here is to clean a chimney as often as it needs it! However, to be a little more precise...

When a chimney has a buildup of 1/4 inch of soot or creosote, then it is time to clean it. If a fireplace or stove is used each year - even if only a few times at Thanksgiving or Christmas - it should be checked annually. If it's dirty (1/4 inch thick fluffy, furry-looking smoke residue), clean it. If it is used only a couple of times a year, then it will likely not need cleaning for several years. However, doing at least an annual chimney inspection is recommended in order to maintain a safe heating environment.

What credentials should I look for in a Chimney Sweep?

The Chimney Sweep you use should be certified. A Certified Chimney Sweep is someone who has been tested by the Chimney Safety Institute of America for knowledge about the standard chimney cleaning process, safety code standards, and safe operation of solid fuel burning appliances. A minimum test score of 80% is required to become certified, and a person re-tests every 3 years to maintain the certification.

They should be a Better Business Bureau Accredited Business. A BBB Accredited Business is a business that believes some independent oversight on behalf of customers is good for business. It ensures you that independent oversight is provided according to standard conventional practices. It also provides you the comfort of knowing a resolution process exists should the services provided be inconsistent with what you expected.

They should subscribe to the NCSG Code of Ethics as a member. Membership to the National Chimney Sweep Guild carries with it certain responsibilities and obligations to ensure you receive services that are in compliance with all codes and standards, as well as you are treated in an ethical and honest manner.

What is the chimney cleaning process?

Jeff Rozendal, the owner of Chimney Crickets, designed his chimney sweep process from over three decades of hands-on experience and the Certified Chimney Sweep Program of the Chimney Safety Institute of America. Visit Our Process page for our step-by-step guide.

How do I determine if I need a chimney sweep?

Safe, efficient chimneys start with regular chimney inspections. It is important that you carefully monitor your chimney for signs that a cleaning is required. We offer inspections year-round, so you can build a fire during the first cold snap knowing that your chimney is clean and ready for another season!

What is soot or creosote?

As fireplaces or stoves are used, the chimney and connector pipes collect flammable particles, called soot or creosote. The soot and creosote that build up over time can catch on fire and damage the chimney, fireplace, or wood stove, which then threatens the whole house. For fire prevention, schedule a chimney inspection to determine whether chimney maintenance is required.

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